Clinical Counsellor

      and  Educator


Career Profile


Experienced Clinical, School Counsellor, and Teacher for over 10 years working with a range of students (preschoolers to young adults) with learning disabilities and social-emotional disorders. Flexible, adaptable and capable in complex situations. Strong communication and multi-task team skills.


Core Skills


• Individual & Group Therapies


• Multi-sensory educational treatment


• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


• Mindfulness Based Therapy


• Life Skills: Motivation, Self-Esteem, Social-Emotional and Behavior Disorders


• Therapeutic Tutoring for Learning and Processing Disorders

(Math, reading and writing functioning skills.  Executive Functions; Working Memory


• Organizational and improved poor study skills




Professional Experience


PQP SFU Student Teacher                                                                                                                             2016


SD43, Pleasantside Elementary, short and long practicum gr.4-5                                                           Sept. 2016

SD43, Riverside Secondary, (Volunteering) Spanish lessons gr. 10-12                                         May – June 2016

SD43, Montgomery Middle school, (Volunteering) Syrian Refugees, trauma classroom survivors       June 2016


BCACC, Clinical Counsellor No.10784                                                                                                          2015

•         Private practice, individual and group therapies, processing and therapeutic therapy.


SD43, Riverside Secondary (Intensive Behavior Support))  (Full time)                                              2014 – 2015

• One on one special needs with Intensive behavior support

• Use of Basic Sign Language as a way of communication with a student with autism

• Providing support to students experiencing social, cognitive, emotional, behavioral and/or physical difficulties at school

• Planning and implementing individual educational activities to meet individual needs and developing the materials and resources for such programs

• Participating in all aspects of the school including staff meetings and special activities

• Supporting students with Spanish in Skills Development Room when needed


SD43, Terry Fox Secondary (Intensive Behavior Support Relief)   (Full time)                                          2014

• One on one special needs with intensive behavior support at home school or throughout the district in a range of kindergarten/high school

• Supervising and assisting students at Learning Center with learning disabilities

• Supporting students with special needs with any cognitive, emotional, behavioral, physical and/or social difficulties.


SD43, EA (Education Assistant) (On call)                                                                                                 2012 – 2013

One on one Special needs and learning disabilities (Kindergarten to Grade 12)

• Assisting children with needs bringing an outrageous learning experiences

• Conducting educational individual activities depending on each school based program

• Supporting teacher in classroom when needed with students with learning disabilities


Bright Start Children Academy, Coquitlam.  One on one Special Needs (Preschool)


Before and After school (OOSC) (Full time)                                                                                             2011 - 2012

• One on one support with a student with ADHD

• Multidisciplinary work for implementing interventions (ECE, Gale Mc Gallister (Share association))

• Planning and programming activities for elementary students (before and after school program)


Psycho-educational Counsellor and Therapist (Private sessions) Mexico City                                    2000 – 2010

• Providing Psycho-educational assessments, producing psycho-educational reports and therapy

• Counselling intervention for students with emotional, social, behavioral and/or learning challenges

• Played key role in supporting parents of children experiencing difficulties at school thorough consultation or referring to other professionals

• Supporting students´ needs with weekly individual or group counselling/therapeutic tutoring sessions and develop planning and material for each session

• Consulting with school regarding patient’s development in school, implementing and developing IEP for student. Continuing communication between school and parents

• Consulting with other professionals and organizations regarding programs and/or for the purpose of referrals

• Developing and implementing Think Best program from Elementary students to Adults


Teacher, school psychologist and school counsellor

Skoolly Montessori Preschool, Mexico (Part time Job)                                                                         2006 - 2011

• Heading psycho-educational department

• Teaching Think Best Program to children from 4-6 years old, involving social-emotional awareness, physical, behavioral and cognitive experiences

• Formal and informal observations to achieve assessments

• Consulting with parents and school personnel regarding challenges on students’ development

• Liaising with outside professionals regarding interventions and referrals

• Assisting families to establish a healthy and strong home communication environment


School Counsellor and school psychologist                                                                                        2004 - 2006

Irlandes O´Farril Bilingual Preschool and Elementary School, Mexico (Full time job)

• Provided psycho-educational assessments, reports and interventions

• Conducting meetings with parents, students and staff regarding outcome of assessment, bringing recommendations for intervention and implementing interventions (adaptations and/or modifications)

• Ongoing supervision, formal/informal observation and evaluation in/outside classroom

• Played key role in tutoring students with learning disabilities

• Provided counselling intervention in class support for students with psycho-educational challenges

• Developing, implementing and evaluating IEP (Individual Education Plan) in consultation with teachers and parents

• Continuing support to teachers regarding IEP to manage students with ADHD and/or children with needs

• Provided support to school personnel through professional development courses or workshops

• Managed all psycho educational department meetings and daily sessions with teachers and parents


Psycho-Educational Counsellor                                                                                                                   2005

Alfa-Omega Christian Family Clinic Association, Mexico

• Provided psycho educational assessments as well as counseling, academic and therapeutic tutoring for elementary and middle school students

• Participated with interdisciplinary staff meetings regarding IEPs, psycho-educational assessments and interventions


Oxford Catholic Bilingual Girls Middle School, Mexico

School Counsellor (full time job)                                                                                                     2001 – 2003

• Provided youth counseling service

• Played key role in assisting students with social-emotional and behavioral challenges in students

• Monitoring monthly school report cards regarding students’ educational progress and assisting them to consolidate their understanding with compromise and self-responsibility

• Consulting with students regarding development and implementation of individual program

• Supervising Students with behavioral challenges

• Delivered outstanding communication with parents

• Responsible for the educational social project (for children with needs). Academic Fundraising: Telethon, 2001. Volunteered and donated 3 Wheelchairs to elementary kids.

 Kindergarten Teacher                                                                                                                       1999 - 2001

Oxford Catholic Bilingual Preschool, Mexico (full time job)

• Responsible for a 4 -5 year old preschool classroom teacher (bilingual)

• Teaching social, emotional and cognitive skills following school’s curriculum

• Responsible for teaching early stimulation program to parent and baby, developing physical, emotional, cognitive and social skills in toddlers and babies (once a week)

• Participating and volunteering in school community events

Early Child Education Program                                                                                                         1997 - 1999

Gymboree, Mexico

• Responsible for the afternoon teaching shift

• Assisted parent- child classes

• Delivered excellent service, providing professional and individualized support to parents

• Performed marketing for Gymboree classes

• Supervised monthly child educational progress as well as parent monthly payments

Other Work Experience                                                                                                         Coquitlam, British Columbia

• Tutoring Spanish from high school students (2008)

• Teaching Spanish Elementary to high school students (2011-2015 private lessons)

• Chair and member from the Pac, Pinetree Way Elementary School (2011-2016)




Selected Achievements, Program Development


Research Associate, Think Best Course (Social-Emotional Learning Program through multi-sensory and sensory-perceptual activities)

Mexico City and Tuxtla Gutierrez Chiapas                                                                                         2009-2011


• Self-regulation and self-awareness (through the use of multisensory skills)

• Increase in positive academic, personal and social-emotional skills

• Increase in family communication and family quality daily life




PQP, SFU BC One year recertifying program –Canada                                                                                                 2016


POPARD (Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders) (ASD AND ABA) Canada                            2012

Autism Spectrum Disorders (Practical Applications) and Applied Behavior Analysis (Instruction)


Masters in Learning Disabilities – International University, Mexico City, Mexico                                                            2002

Three year part time degree, (two year course work, one year practicum and one year research (thesis))


Higher Diploma in Education – Anahuac University, Mexico City, Mexico                                                                       2000

One year part time course. Teaching how to teach


Bachelor of Pedagogy (Education) – Panamerican University, Mexico City, Mexico                                                       1999

Four year full time graduate degree. Course work and practicum involved